Selecting a merchant services partner for your business is a big decision. The ability to accept credit cards and other forms of electronic payment is essential for today’s customers and the partner you select will have a big impact on the experience you provide to your customers. There are lots of factors to consider when searching for a payment services partner; security, reliability, types of supported payment options, customer support and of course price.

Because price seems easier to compare and more tangible than things like security and support, it carries more weight in the decision process. The challenge is that when comparing rates, things aren’t always what they appear to be. Transaction rates featured in promotions or advertising are often communicated as standard pricing or implied as typical when in fact those rates are only available for a small fraction of transaction types. As you compare rates, the real number you need to identify is your “effective rate”.

Effective rate includes all costs associated with your payment partner plus the transaction rates. Many times lower transaction rates mask the addition of annual, monthly, statement and other service fees that can drive the effective rate for your merchant services significantly higher. Including these fees frequently has a dramatic impact on your overall cost.

Another common source of confusion is different rates for different transaction types. Different types of transactions with different payment sources all carry different rates. Some of these rates can be very low, but are only applicable to a small fraction of transactions. These rarely relevant rates can be used to imply that all transactions are processed at those rates, which creates confusion and ultimately higher costs for customers. This is the equivalent to seeing an incredible sale at a car lot on TV, only to find when you get to the dealership only a single car was eligible for the pricing promotion.

To avoid this, ProPay uses a blended rate across transaction types so you can assess our rates knowing they are part of a consistent, reliable pricing model. Picking the right payment partner is critically important and we encourage you to compare. When you do, just be sure you really compare apples to apples, consider all the costs and don’t fall for big marketing promises or small print.

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ProtectPay Payment Data SecurityManaging data, especially payment data, is a big job and the stakes are high. Given the many high profile breaches over the last few years it’s clear how catastrophic the impact can be if not done well. Compounding the challenges of the task of protecting payment data are growing regulatory complexities, emerging technologies and increasing demands from consumers for protection. If your business is managing payment data the size, scope and difficulty of this responsibility is a significant business challenge.

The challenge is great, but the potential for positive business impact by managing payment data intelligently is ever greater. There are a number of considerations when thinking about payment data security.

Brand – A data breach can be disastrous to a brand. Broken trust and credibility with current and potential customers can have an obvious effect in the near-term and over the longer term. Even the most effective communication and business response to a breach still creates a lingering effect in the marketplace and within your organization.

Customer experience – For many businesses the transaction experience is a significant element in overall customer experience. Consumers are demanding more options for transactions, greater immediacy and seamless integration to their overall experience with the brand. The ability to support consumer expectations while at the same time retaining appropriate levels of security and data protection can stretch many organizations past their limits and as a result put payment data at risk and create frustrating customer experiences.

Business continuity – Payment data security issues can create erratic internal processes and in some cases impede core business functions. Effectively managing payment data is essential for supporting customers and suppliers and any problems in this area can break down key procedures that disrupt internal resources and potentially contribute to customer-facing problems.

Resources – The staff, technology and ongoing management burden to support a PCI-compliant payment data infrastructure can be crushing. Building your own internal organization and infrastructure can be a heavy investment in very specialized talent and technologies as well as a massive management commitment to audit, monitor and update every element on a continuous basis. Many businesses would rather seek the support of proven experts in the space and direct their resources to other areas to grow their business.

Proven professionals – Since 1997, ProPay has been leading the way in the payments industry winning multiple industry awards and serving millions of customers. ProPay was early to recognize the importance of PCI compliance and the need to provide turnkey payment data solutions to businesses. ProPay is a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Level-1 Validated Payment Service Provider that processes millions of transactions per year for some of the most recognizable global brands. It is as a wholly owned subsidiary of Total System Services, a top ten global payment processor.

ProtectPay – ProtectPay is ProPay’s end-to-end encryption and tokenization service replacing existing payment card, ACH, and other sensitive payment data with tokens. ProtectPay features the ability to securely process payments without risks associated with the transmission and storage of sensitive cardholder data. ProtectPay enables companies to reduce their PCI DSS compliance efforts, because no sensitive cardholder data is stored, processed, or transmitted by the merchant. ProtectPay provides the foundation for ProPay’s mobile solutions, including the ProPay FLASH and ProPay JAK™ readers. Other ProtectPay features include:

Secure Storage of Customer Data – ProPay has been certified as PCI DSS compliant since 2004. As an early adopter of the industry’s data security standards (beginning with the Cardholder Information Security Program), ProPay has developed a core competency in the protection of payment card data.

Alternative Payment Information – ProtectPay provides the ability to store multiple payment methods (payment card or ACH) per customer.

Encrypted Data Collection Method –ProtectPay encrypts sensitive data from the point of entry, whether online or in-person, so that the merchant organization never has to store, process, or transmit cardholder data.

Flexible, Scalable Platform – ProtectPay does not require that the merchant account is held at ProPay. While ideally the merchant would select ProPay for both processing and the encryption and tokenization solution, ProtectPay can act as a processor agnostic secure payment platform.

Payment data security is an essential and strategic operational issue for many businesses and an area that represents significant potential risk. ProPay has the experience, expertise and products that can help business leaders address payment data security with confidence.

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QuickBooks is the financial management hub for millions of small businesses. At ProPay®, we are always working to find ways to improve the lives of small business owners and are excited to share some exciting opportunities related to QuickBooks.

In an upcoming webinar on January 28, we’ll be highlighting the benefits of ProPay and how to combine those benefits with the benefits of QuickBooks. We’ll cover things like:

Many ways to get paid – ProPay offers 9 different ways to process transactions.

Easy online management – Manage your finances through a simple, intuitive online interface.

Get paid on the go – ProPay offers multiple mobile payment options through our JAK, mobile app and swipe solutions.

Get paid via email – Email is still the go-to solution for many small businesses, get transaction information sent quickly and conveniently to your email with Email Invoicing.

Recurring payments – ProPay supports ongoing subscription billing with safe, secure, reliable storage and management of credit card information.

Ring the register – Through buy now/donate now features, ProPay allows you to provide fast, convenient purchase options that can easily be integrated to websites or social media.

Seamless and integrated – ProPay has partnered with TransaX® to introduce a more seamless way to use your ProPay account with your QuickBooks accounting and inventory software. ProPay gives you the ability to import transaction data from ProPay into your QuickBooks account, eliminating the need to enter the same data in both places. Or, if you would rather initiate all of your transactions from QuickBooks, you can process transactions using ProPay without leaving the QuickBooks software.

Use QuickBooks with ProPay
Transaction Sync from ProPay to QuickBooks – Any time you process transactions on your ProPay account, you can use the syncing process to automatically download those transactions and record them within QuickBooks. This eliminates the need to hand key information that is already available electronically. The sync process is a powerful tool for accurately keeping your QuickBooks company file up to date.

Process Credit Cards directly within QuickBooks – With this new functionality, you have the ability to process transactions in QuickBooks using your ProPay account. There is no need to leave the software in order to submit credit and debit card payments. Plus, payment information for each customer can be securely stored in QuickBooks, so you don’t have to ask for card information each time your customers make a payment.

Process Multiple Payment with One Click – With ProPay, you have the ability to process multiple payments at once in QuickBooks, rather than have to go in and perform them one at a time. With our Batch Processing feature, you simply select which customers you want to process, click the Run Batch button, and let the system do the rest! Payments are automatically recorded in QuickBooks and a transaction log file is generated.

Learn more about all this and how ProPay can help you maximize the value of QuickBooks for your small business.

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When it comes to selecting the right payment processing partner for your business, there are a many considerations. The category can be confusing as there are vendors making hard to believe claims about their services and others you may or may not have heard of. Even for a seasoned professional familiar with the payment services industry, things move quickly, it can be hard to stay up to date on all the latest offerings and organizations.

Despite the challenges with the fast moving, fluid nature of things, it’s an incredibly exciting time in the payment services industry and businesses should keep the bar high when selecting a payment services partner. What should you look for when looking for a complete payment services partner?

Credit card acceptance – This is one of the most basic, fundamental offerings from a payment partner. ProPay allows you to accept credit cards through a multitude of methods and offers some of the most competitive rates in the industry.

ACH services – ACH processing services are foundational for many businesses. ProPay provides a simple, secure and affordable set of ACH processing solutions.

Secure Data – A data breach can literally destroy a business. Given the current security threats multiplying daily from all over the world, it’s imperative your payment partner has the commitment and capability to keep your data safe. ProPay has a proven data security track record and infrastructure and experience that supports some of the most recognizable brands.

Fund distribution – In addition to accepting payments, a complete payment solution provider can also provide the ability to efficiently distribute funds, minimizing cost and improving customer experience. ProPay offers services such as SplitPay and SpendBack that can streamline payments to distributors and sales consultants.

Global capability – We live in a global economy now and more than likely some portion of your business involves receiving or distributing payments beyond the US. Managing international payments can be complex and high risk without the right experience and technology. ProPay can help take your company to the global markets of the world providing payment acceptance support in over 150 international currencies and commission payments in over 35 countries and currencies.

Automatic credit card updating – If your business relies upon stored customer payment card information for recurring billing, auto-shipment, etc., ProPay offers ProPay EnsureBill™ to streamline the process of maintaining and updating stored customer payment card information. Maintaining accurate customer payment card data is one of the biggest and most costly concerns merchants accepting recurring payments face today. With ProPay EnsureBill you can reduce declined transactions and authorization fees by getting updated account numbers, expiration dates, and account status’ on your Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover® cardholders.

Fraud reduction – Staying ahead of the bad guys is no small task. Failing to stay ahead of fraud can be disastrous for your business, through direct cost as well as damaged relationships with customers. ProPay provides robust fraud prevention services that can help you protect your business. Fraud protection is not an area for chances with unproven vendors.

If you’re looking for a complete payment services partner, be sure you explore all the areas we’ve mentioned. ProPay addresses all these areas and more. Call us today and let us know what we can do for your business. Visit or call 88.227.9856.

It’s a constant business struggle, providing a seamless, low friction customer experience while protecting those customers and your business from an ever-changing array of advanced cybercriminals. ProPay® Guardian Cybershieldsm makes it easy to provide the experience and protection your customers and business need.

Sophisticated cybercriminals work hard to “hide in plain site” by disguising their activities as typical transactional activity. ProPay Guardian Cybershield uses the Global Trust Intelligence Network, a massive source of data about trusted and untrusted internet personas to sift through huge volumes of activity and information and differentiate legitimate activity from potential fraud. The Network does all this without creating interference or difficulty for legitimate customers.

ProPay Guardian Cybershield utilizes a suite of differentiated features and technologies that include cookie-less tracking, geo-location, a powerful rules engine as well as data and breach protection solutions. This impressive group of technologies makes it possible to keep up with the rapidly changing tactics of global cybercriminals.

The business value of reducing fraud requires no explanation. No business wants to suffer the financial and reputational damage from security or fraud issues. Beyond the direct impact of fraud, there are other significant expenses. Manual review processes consume valuable human and technology resources and can create frustrating customer experiences which may result in customer losses. Reducing process friction through an automated solution can minimize cost to the business and streamline customer experiences. ProPay Guardian Cybershield can impact these key areas.

Consumer trust and confidence is the foundation for a strong digital customer relationship. ProPay Guardian Cybershield is an intelligent effective way to improve both customer experience and protection from fraud.

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