Starting today merchants in Park City, Utah will be able to receive payment through ProPay’s (patent pending) Zumogo! social media application during the Sundance Film Festival.  More than a simple mobile payment application, Zumogo combines the best of social media and secure payment technology to enable consumers to identify local merchants, communicate with the merchant, and pay all on their IPhone or Android.  Merchants have the ability to communicate with their customers and request payment.  Best of all, Zumogo does NOT store any account data on either the merchant system or the mobile device.  All communication and payment is handled by the ProtectPay system, ProPay’s secure tokenization process.   If you are in Park City at the Sundance Film Festival, look for the Zumogo! representatives wearing Zumogo Jackets!  You just might get a free meal!!  Be sure to drop by 350Main, O’Shucks, The Bridge, and Red Banjo to check out Zumogo!

Update….just returned from a short trip to downtown Park City to catch some of Sundance and was able to sit outside of O’Shucks, order my food, eat, and pay on my Android without ever stepping inside!  Awesome experience! (works on iPhone, as well ;)   Pictures will be up soon!