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“Thank you so much for all your assistance on the phone yesterday, getting my account straightened out - you were wonderful!   Very knowledgeable, helpful, and….patient!   Please let your supervisor know how pleased I was with your customer service skills, it’s getting to be a lost art in today’s business world.” ProPay Customer–Meg Racheli

ProPay is committed to leading the merchant industry in convenient and secure mobile payment solutions and offering quality customer service to answer and meet any questions or concerns anyone might have about those merchant services.  Open Monday-Friday, ProPay’s Customer Service Team is available to personally assist you.  Through Email, Facebook, Twitter and Phone, any representative is available to help you meet your merchant needs.  Each team member specializes in navigating through ProPay’s affordable services.  Whether you need help processing a card, transferring funds, using your ProPay JAK, or resolving a situation with a customer, ProPay’s Customer Service Representatives are ready to answer your concerns.  That service and willingness to connect with the customer while finding the right answer, is what makes ProPay “the leading provider of simple, secure and affordable payment solutions”.

ProPay is leading the merchant industry in simple, secure, affordable and convenient mobile payment solutions. As your business grows, you can continue to find more mobile ProPay solutions to help you process your customers credit and debit cards. ProPay offers competitive and compatible options that meet and exceed industry security requirements. One such mobile solution which is available on any ProPay account, is our Mobile website. If your phone has internet access, you can easily access your ProPay account to process your customer’s card safely and efficiently. By simply going to the website you will be prompted to log into a simplified version of your ProPay account. This mobile website will give you access to immediately process a card, without having to wait to login to a computer. Other devices such as the ProPay JAK, ProPay FLASH, ProPay LINK, etc. offer other ways to quickly and safely process payment information.

For more information about understanding ProPay’s mobile payment solutions and how to request these extra features on your own account, please visit the link below.

ProPay’s Mobile Solutions

ProPay continues to enhance and supplement each of its merchants with the most secure, simple and affordable payment solutions. ProPay’s continued effort has and will continue to lead mobile professionals forward in their business and entrepreneurial endeavors.

To ensure simple, secure and affordable payment services, ProPay carries out certain risk management procedures on each account.  Processing Limits serve as part of that management and security to help all ProPay users restrain and control possible losses.  Single transaction limits, as well as a monthly processing limit, refer to the maximum amount that can be processed through a ProPay account at a given time.   These limits do not however “limit” a merchant’s ability to grow and carry out their business.  Depending on your account type, limit increases may be available to better fit business needs.   For more information about understanding ProPay’s processing limits and how to request any limit increase, please visit the link below.

 FAQ’s- Processing Limits

Processing limits are just one way, ProPay helps protect growing businesses.  For more information regarding ProPay’s unique and secure payment solutions, please visit ProPay.

ProPay is constantly moving forward to help the aspiring merchant and growing business they have created.  Part of the ease associated with using ProPay’s services is the variety of simple ways to securely take and process payment card information.  The ProPay JAK™ is a new, secure and viable option for any ProPay merchant to use. The ProPay JAK allows merchants to securely swipe a customer’s card and directly process through their smart phone.   This small, secure, sturdy and convenient device has helped many merchants improve their business perception and revenue.  By allowing the customer to swipe their card for payment, a merchant can know immediately whether or not a payment was approved.  To receive a step by step tutorial on how to use the ProPay JAK with your ProPay account, please visit the link below:

 JAK Tutorial

                The ProPay JAK is a fabulous way to enhance your business opportunity and improve your business image.  When taking payment card information it is important to have a clear understanding about how to do so securely and effectively.  The ProPay JAK can do that and more.  For more information regarding the ProPay JAK and how it can help your business, visit the sites below:

JAK Main Site


Part of creating a successful business is creating seamless customer interaction.  Ensuring customer satisfaction with fair and honest treatment creates business loyalty and increases customer referrals.  With your ProPay account you can process refunds on credit cards that you have previously charged.  You can also void or cancel pending transactions before the transaction has been sent for settlement.  To receive a step by step tutorial on how to refund or void a credit card on your ProPay account, please visit the link below:

FAQ- How to Refund a Credit Card

By clearly communicating with your customer your business policies, and issuing refunds in a prompt and appropriate manner, you can avoid possible chargeback’s, negative customer feedback and increase your business opportunity.  ProPay’s seamless payment and refund process increase that satisfaction and allows your business to grow and succeed.